Center Parc Bois des Harcholins

Center parc Bois des Harcholins

57560 Hattigny-Fraquelfing-Niderhoff, Moselle, France

The forest of the Bois des Harcholins domain is an architecture in itself. We wanted to preserve the quality of this delightful environment and integrate the houses in such a way that they would be in harmony with the environment. The very strong presence of the surrounding landscape has to be felt inside and outside. Therefore, the priority for the architect was to offer generous openings for each room so as to let the user enjoy and take advantage of the surroundings. The large bay windows located in the living spaces are deployed over the entire length of the space and thanks to the ground level terraces, offer a peaceful view to the forest and the meadows. To highlight the importance of the forest environment we have chosen simple shapes, and we have also chosen wood as our primary material for the siding of the exterior facades and the terraces. As a result, the horizontal buildings blend harmoniously with the forest environment.