Center Parc Bois Francs

Center Parcs Bois Francs

27130 Verneuil-sur-Avre, Eure, France

The cottages that are currently present in the two ?Center Parcs de France? are coated concrete bungalows with roof terraces. Pierre et Vacances has asked us to entirely rethink this concept, which dates from the seventies. The goal was to create an architecture sympathetic to the forest environment. The basic module, a square, is offered in three variations of 51.60 M2 and 64 m2 with an second level. Access is provided laterally via the living/kitchen area, an airy room with a fireplace separated from the wood terrace by large glass panels.

The bedrooms and bathrooms are located at the back of the house, and privacy is provided via the use of narrow windows. The two main materials used for the project are wood for the facades and zinc for the roofing. This new « hamlet » includes 200 houses, organized in clusters among landscaped clearings designed by the landscape architect Thierry Huau and organized like a “promenade normande” with oak trees, rhododendrons, mirror pools, beech trees and topiaries. It is an extension to the 800 existing cottages on a surface of more than 16 hectares organized in such a way that each house has a view from the living-room that spans over at least 30 m without any obstacles.