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Jonzac Maison des vignes

Thermes de Jonzac: La Maison des vignes

17500 Jonzac, Charente Maritime, France

These 40 dwellings form the first phase of a phased development of a 13-hectare site in Charente Maritime, located above abandoned quarries which currently house the troglodyte (cave-dwelling) spa of Jonzac. The general program for this plan includes the construction of several buildings dedicated to the spa (140 furnished studios and 10 hotel rooms), 400 parking spaces and an elevator tower which links the parking area to the new entrance of the spa located 25 meters below.

The project, named « maisons des vignes » (vineyard houses), is organized around a square plan house which includes a welcome-boutique area at the intermediate level, a tea-room at the upper level, and mecanical rooms and a fountain located on the lower level. The central building is linked to four dwelling structures via a wood pergola: 2 main structures with 8 studios each in the upper part of the site, 2 structures containing 12 studios each located 3 meters below. The 40 studios all have at least a double orientation. The formal vocabulary of the architecture is inspired by the local traditional architecture of Saintonge (long and low houses). The use of Douglas fir in the treatment of the facades and exterior circulation areas helps create a harmonious relationship with the immediate woods surrounding the buildings, and has an exotic appeal for the users who spend an average of three weeks of spa treatment in this area far from their usual surroundings. The basins, which are located along the longitudinal axis, help to create a space dedicated to rest and serenity.

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Jonzac Extension

Thermes de Jonzac – Extension

17500 Jonzac, Charente Maritime, France

Projet for the expansion and redevelopment of the Baths of Jonzac, located in a cave-like setting in the heart of an old cathedrals limestone quarry. The need for expansion follows the rapid growth in the annual attendance of spa guests. The project covers an area of 1600 m2, includes the development of services for phlebology, rheumatology and respiratory tracts with, especially, the creation of a pool, a corridor for walking, treatment rooms, a mud bath, a lounge and an exterior reception building. The architectural intervention is reduced to its absolute minimum in this space carved into the stone. The walls are low and transparent, pools bypass the powerful stone pillars. Above the quarry is the therapists’ residence (project in 2000).

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Center Parc Les hauts de Bruyères

Center Parc Les hauts de Bruyères

41600 Chaumont-sur-Tharonne, Loire-et-Cher, France

The forest of the Hauts de Bruyères domain is an architecture in itself. In this context, the architect must integrate as respectfully as possible the new cottages into this « natural architecture » so as to preserve the beauty of the environment. Therefore, we have designed simple and practical houses – avoiding hallways and complicated circulation – and we have used wood as the primary material, especially for the facades. We have created a space in harmony with the surrounding landscape by using large bay windows for the public living spaces.

The living area (living-room, dining area and kitchen) is an open and welcoming space where one can spend quality family time. It is a space that extends to the forest thanks to a wood terrace leading directly to the peace of the forest.
The living room glazing units employ metal hardware, and designed with artists’ studios in mind, receive a maximum of natural light while providing a generous viewing angle from the ground to the crown of the trees. A wood stove adds to the design of the living room. It is located close to the windows, allowing the inhabitants to enjoy the view as well as the warmth of a fire. As for the bedrooms, they are treated as protected spaces where one can easily retreat from the rest of the house. However, all the bedrooms have large windows so as to maintain contact with the outdoors when desired.
The roofs are occasionally curved, which produces a variety of forms from one cottage to the next, both inside and outside.

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Center Parc Bois Francs

Center Parcs Bois Francs

27130 Verneuil-sur-Avre, Eure, France

The cottages that are currently present in the two ?Center Parcs de France? are coated concrete bungalows with roof terraces. Pierre et Vacances has asked us to entirely rethink this concept, which dates from the seventies. The goal was to create an architecture sympathetic to the forest environment. The basic module, a square, is offered in three variations of 51.60 M2 and 64 m2 with an second level. Access is provided laterally via the living/kitchen area, an airy room with a fireplace separated from the wood terrace by large glass panels.

The bedrooms and bathrooms are located at the back of the house, and privacy is provided via the use of narrow windows. The two main materials used for the project are wood for the facades and zinc for the roofing. This new « hamlet » includes 200 houses, organized in clusters among landscaped clearings designed by the landscape architect Thierry Huau and organized like a “promenade normande” with oak trees, rhododendrons, mirror pools, beech trees and topiaries. It is an extension to the 800 existing cottages on a surface of more than 16 hectares organized in such a way that each house has a view from the living-room that spans over at least 30 m without any obstacles.

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Center Parc Bois des Harcholins

Center parc Bois des Harcholins

57560 Hattigny-Fraquelfing-Niderhoff, Moselle, France

The forest of the Bois des Harcholins domain is an architecture in itself. We wanted to preserve the quality of this delightful environment and integrate the houses in such a way that they would be in harmony with the environment. The very strong presence of the surrounding landscape has to be felt inside and outside. Therefore, the priority for the architect was to offer generous openings for each room so as to let the user enjoy and take advantage of the surroundings. The large bay windows located in the living spaces are deployed over the entire length of the space and thanks to the ground level terraces, offer a peaceful view to the forest and the meadows. To highlight the importance of the forest environment we have chosen simple shapes, and we have also chosen wood as our primary material for the siding of the exterior facades and the terraces. As a result, the horizontal buildings blend harmoniously with the forest environment.

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