Château Bachen

Chai de Château Bachen


The Château de Bachen, located on eight hectares of vineyards and forest oak and beech, is the setting for this project located on the north side of a hill overlooking the Vallée de l'Adour.

The bulk of the spaces designed for vineyard activities, production and packaging of the wine of Tursan have been organized around an abandoned barn located a few meters away from the private home of the owners. The owners, Christine and Michel Guérard, wanted to preserve the existing architectural harmony of the site while providing privacy for their family life.
The project is unified as a result of the use of construction materials and methods inspired by local traditional architecture such as stone, roman concrete, Génoise tiles, etc.

The creation of a bottom level dedicated to the agricultural machinery results in a separation of professional activities and private life. On the upper level, the renovated barn has been transformed into a space dedicated to the storage of the grapes and the fermenting room. The barrel cellar, the wine-tasting room and the storage area for the bottles are located 5 meters below, linked by an interior staircase leading to a working area accessible through a long ramp. A system of steps links this area to the vineyard, facing the main façade, which then becomes the background of an open-air theater.