Jonzac – tourisme

Jonzac résidence de tourisme

17500 JONZAC,

This project is composed of 72 vacation dwellings on a 13000 m2 site. The terrain slopes 4 meters in the direction of the Seugne river, amongst a green and lush environment of trees and prairies. Very strict zoning constraints govern the choice of materials; the constraints of budget and a very narrow site led to a very simple site plan composed of 4 rectangular buildings made of stucco-finished masonry blocks and local tiles, positioned in staggered rows in order to maintain view corridors.

As a result of the extremely simple site planning strategy, we were able to devote financial resources to improving the quality of the building envelope; the system of large balconies and access balconies made of wood, the treatment of the gables which are coated with metal netting providing support for climbing plants, and a large orchard planted with fruit trees.

The main building is an exception to this rule ; its design is based on a pre-fabricated greenhouse entirely made of glass panels. It includes the building services, the reception office, and a lounge area where the residents can enjoy a magnificent panoramic view of the entire site. All dwellings are accessible from the access balconies, and the living areas take advantage of views of the landscape thanks to large picture windows with sliding doors.