Musée du Luxembourg

Musée du Luxembourg


The architectural project, commissioned by the Réunion des Musées Nationaux to the offices of Shigeru Ban Architects and Jean de Gastines Achitectes, can be divided into 3 distinct parts:
Renovation of the interior spaces of the museum and the creation of two temporary exterior spaces were the main goals.

The museum, interior design:
The architects redesigned the ticketing area, the cloakroom, the circulation, and the bookstore. These spaces, with a total surface area of 300 square meters, were created through furnishings and design made primarily from cardboard tubes.

The reception hall, exterior space:
This temporary space of 155 square meters, situated southwest of the museum, is constructed of beams made from cardboard tubes and translucent facades made of polycarbonate in order to permit an interaction with the garden. It is a reception area as well as a space dedicated to educational workshops.

The restaurant, exterior space:
With a surface area of 90 square meters, this space, situated North of the museum, is also constructed of beams made of cardboard tubes and a translucent polycarbonate façade. The roofing is composed of metallic structure covered by a tensioned fabric.