Zurich, Suisse

Inaugurated in 2013, the headquarters of the press group Tamedia am Stauffacher is located in Zurich, at the center of a dense urban area at the edge of the Sihl. This administrative building corresponds, due to its volume, to a square construction of regular height -common in the area-, and with its mansard roof and its raised ground floor, it respects the architectural peculiarities of the Aussersihl district. In parallel, this 7-story building entices with its durable construction and the materials used: wood and glass.

This edifice distinguishes itself with a wooden structural system, which required 2000 square meters of spruce. The supporting structure, devoid of any steel reinforcement, was put in place using prefabricated elements milled with precision down to near millimeters. A vast windowed façade gives the impression of a bright and agreeable open space. Tamedia sought a building with maximum durability. On the side of the Sihl, a double façade serves as air conditioning as well as a natural system of ventilation, and offers space to the meeting rooms and boardrooms, which open towards the river. The use of wood as a renewable material has allowed the project to limit its CO2 emissions beginning with the construction phase. Furthermore, the building operations are done without CO2 or electricity of nuclear origin. Facing the future, the heating and climate control installations utilize subterranean water, allowing the building to avoid the use of fossil fuels.